In collaboration with Comrade Dianabasi Bassey, the Chief of Staff to the SUG President, University of Uyo witnessed what we can the FIRST OF ITS KIND.

Maybe we shouldn’t have organized this, and maybe having the idea of organizing such a student centered quiz and not organizing it would have been the worst decision we could have made as humans and leaders in the Union.

Who would have known that over 97% of students in Uniuyo are geniuses who are capable of breaking National and World’s records? how do I explain the fact that the best Mathematicians, Historians, Philosophers and Grammarians are being groomed in Uniuyo, HOW? Well, I have the proof, they are the proof and were discovered in this Trivia Night.

I am as amazed as you are and I am ‘really really’ satisfied and at the same time moved by the number of intellectuals we have in here. 💥

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Tuskites’ Trivia Night was a BIG SUCCESS. What would have been more successful than putting up such a TECHNICAL and DIFFICULT Quiz session (which we consulted top Lecturers for questions) and discovering that our students are extremely Knowledgeable, Smart and versed in General Knowledge?
Accordingly, I have recommended these set of students to the Director of Academics, SUG and he has taken note of them and we will never fail to push them out for NATIONAL COMPETITIONS as this when the need arises, this is to show that we are greatly happy and proud of them.

Permit me to seize this opportunity to congratulate the winners of the TUSKITES’ TRIVIA NIGHT: Congratulations to:
1st Winner: Aniebiet-Abasi Elijah of Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences who scored 20/20 in the last round under 2mins 53secs.

2nd Winner: Victor Simon from Faculty of Sciences who scored 19/20 in the last round 2mins 24secs

3rd Winner: Emmanuel Akpaninyang from Faculty of Engineering who scored 19/20 in the last round under 2mins 45secs.

And a big congratulations to all those who participated, you all are Champs! ❤️

Let’s do this quite often as we can.

© Lucky Wonte
Director of Information

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